Life is Messy…

Originally I was scheduled for jury duty this week but long story short, I got released early. Since the Hubby is out of town, I decided to take advantage and work from home the rest of the week.  Too late to call the cat sitter and the puppies wanted to stay home instead of going to the city…to be honest, I was the one who needed to be home.  My real home, my country home.

When I work from home, I sit at our kitchen counter.  I have two advantages to this location:

  1. Closest to the sunlight…er, whatever sun light we have in January.
  2. Closest to the food and drinks.


The disadvantage are:

  1. I’m closest to the food and drinks and I find myself getting up and making snacks even when I’m not even hungry.
  2. I can see how dirty my kitchen is.  This last week was a little more dirtier than normal.  (This is the moment when my Hubby shakes his head in frustration that it’s Thursday and I still haven’t cleaned the kitchen.)

Some people think, oh you’re working from home (WFH) you can do x, y, and z…and your house is clean and everything is put away.  Right?  Wrong. I’m pretty strict about when I work and making sure I’m available to my team.  I also make sure I log off at a decent hour too.  I keep my normal business hours and do my best to stay focused on my actual work.  WFH is a privilege and I don’t want to lose it.

This week, with the Hubby gone, I had grandiose plans for my evenings. I was going to be alone and enjoy the quiet.  I was going to clean the house – one room per day, run at lunch, talk the dogs for a walk, maybe watch a movie…ok, this one I accomplished. All seemed doable.  But some plans fail because of the lack of execution, like my plan.  To clean my kitchen,  I needed one huge item. Dishwasher detergent.  Seems simple enough, you’re out of something just go to the store and pick it up.  But I kept finding excuses not to go to the store: it’s too late, I’ve had too much wine, I’ll go tomorrow, it’s going to be crowded, etc. etc.

The reason this was such a big deal was the dishwasher was full and the only other place to put my dirty dishes from all my snacking was in the sink.  It was driving me nuts!  I would be sitting at my computer and the sink would call to me – just clean the dishes!  When I was stuck on a problem at work, I’d just stare at the sink thinking I would solve my problem and the dishes would magically disappear.  I know…I was telling myself the same thing – just go to the store.  I kept finding other things to tackle before I could actually get there though. Finally, I made it to the store last night, picked up the detergent, and ran the dishwasher before I went to bed.  It felt awesome!  The dishes are now clean and put away and new dishes are loaded.  Kitchen is clean. (I even started on some laundry!)

All this made me think, life can be messy. You can be staring at the sink full of dishes but paralyzed on getting them cleaned. You know it will only take a few minutes and afterwards it will feel so good.  I feel like I could apply this metaphor to several areas of my life.  This is a doable task and you can clean it up. Whether you’re talking about the kitchen or other stuff going on it’s easy to get distracted and paralyzed by simple things (like dish washer detergent).  I’m trying to teach myself to not stress out about these simple tasks, take a deep breath, and just go to the damn store!  Life can be messy but take one step at a time and clean it up.



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