Holidays & Traditions

Each holiday has it’s own traditions.  Starting with Thanksgiving and ending with the New Year.  Seems like everyone is excited for the season of chaos to start and also happy to see them end.

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  Maybe it’s the food or maybe it’s just the lack of expectations to make everyone happy or maybe it’s because it’s the one meal I feel the most confident making.  I watched my mom make the same meal for years and it’s the only think that seemed to sink in.  My least favorite holiday is Christmas…there’s no magic like there was when I was a kid and the expectation of giving and getting the perfect gift is just too much.

My memories of Thanksgiving was always about either my mom cooking dinner at our our house or at my grandparents house.  There was nothing super fancy just the usual turkey and casseroles.  No drama at the dinner table…except that year after my parents split and I was in charge of making dinner.  As I was cleaning the turkey, it slipped out of my hands and I dropped the turkey on the kitchen floor. My mom’s boyfriend and his family came to our house and he wasn’t my favorite person.  I figured the perfect time to tell everyone was just as they were taking that first bite.   I think my mom was kinda pissed that year but the relationship didn’t last and now we just laugh about it.

Besides the food,  the tradition of the sharing a  meal with friends and family is great but what I remember (and enjoy) the most is Black Friday.  I know that there are all kinds of movements to forgo Black Friday and #optoutside but I’ve had the most fun with my mom on this forbidden day. When I think of this day that makes others cringe, I think of my mom. We’ve had the best of times getting up early, getting the best parking spot, getting the best price on that item we really don’t need and so-so could really care less; even the year I had the stomach flu she dragged me out. Nothing gets in the way of Black Friday. She out-shops me most every year.  Now let me be clear…I like getting up early to shop but I also like going outside too.  I think there is room to do both.

My new tradition (which I started last year) is a run streak.  Runner’s World, created a run streak from Thanksgiving to New Years.  The goal is to run at least 1 mile every day and to create a new habit.  What do they say?  It takes 3 weeks to create a new habit and only 2 days to break it? I don’t know…something like that. Anyways, I did the challenge last year and it was great.  It was a positive way to start the holiday season on the right foot (pun intended) and try to keep things happy.  It’s also a good excuse to escape the family when you need a break.  The weather isn’t great but to make yourself get outside anyway and do something active feels amazing.  So far I’m on track.  I’ve run 3 miles every day since Thanksgiving.  There will be a few times because of travel that I will need to get creative but I only need to do 1 mile…no more than 10 minutes.  I think I can handle it.

What are you holiday traditions?



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