Super Moon, Super Fly

There’s supposed to be a ‘Super Moon‘ tonight.  The moon is supposed to be the brightest since 1948 and it looks like it won’t be this bright again until 2034. Unfortunately, it’s overcast here in Seattle. On my way home tonight from the gym, I did catch a glimpse of the ‘super’ moon behind the thin layer of clouds.  To be honest, I couldn’t tell if it was the brightest I’ve ever seen or not. Maybe it seems a little more ‘super’ in your neck of the woods.

So it’s not the best night to be stargazing but you know what, it was a great night to go to FlyWheel, a super intense spin class.  I went last year with a friend and haven’t been back, not because I didn’t want to but because of time and money.  FlyWheel is a bit pricey but man, is it a good workout! So when they emailed me last week, they offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse.  $28 for 3 classes.  I jumped on it and registered to attend tonight’s class.  I figured an intense spin class is a great way to end a Monday.

I was right.  It was a great way to end a Monday.  After an intense day at work, I came home, changed my clothes and headed back out.  I initially thought I’d run there and then run home.  It would be a total of six miles but I convinced myself that the class would be enough, no need to be an overachiever.  Anyways, I got to FlyWheel and waited for class to start. The classes are 45 minutes and these folks there are so organized!  When one class finishes, someone goes in, mops the floor, and cleans the bikes. When finished, everyone files in and grabs the bike they reserved.

When everyone has gotten set up, the instructor turns up the music and turns down the lights.  At first I wasn’t so sure about the light thing but it’s genius.  By biking in the dark, it forces you to focus on yourself, not what your neighbor is doing.  Although I did peek a couple of times to compare torques.  What can I say, I’m a little competitive. Then the instructor starts telling us to turn up our torque and try to get a target RPM.  As the song changes, so does our speed and our cadence.  We sit, we stand, we run.  About half way through, we slow down our speed and pick up a set up weighted bars to focus on upper body.  For one song we lift, we bend, we extend.  Seems simple but my arms are going to be sore tomorrow!  Finally we end our 45 minute workout by stretching.

One of the best things about FlyWheel is afterwards, you can log on to see your stats.  Here’s mine…not too bad for not being on a bike in a few months.  Thanks to my ‘super fly’ Monday, I know I will sleep good tonight.




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