Falling Back

It’s happening.  Darkness. The days are getting shorter.  Last week we fell back an hour and while it felt good for a couple of days to have that ‘extra’ hour, I’m already back to my habits and anxiety that seems to come about this time of year.  I’m already looking forward to December 22nd not because Christmas is coming but we get over the hump and start going in the other direction towards more light.

Monday I went for a run and it felt really good.  I need to remember to get out more during this time of year. Breathing the fresh cool air definitely helps. Here’s a pic I snapped when I got home.  It wasn’t even 4:30 PM!  It was beautiful but it was definitely a Fall sky.   I saw this quote this week…and it seemed fitting on so many levels.

“There is a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.”
Leonard Cohen



What do you do this time of year?

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