Nothing Compares to You…

Remember that Sinead O’Connor song, Nothing Compares to You?  She starts out singing…”It’s been 7 hours and 15 days since you took your love away…”

Well that’s how I felt this morning. So with my best Sinead impression… It’s been 17 hours and 34 days since I have run. During this time away from running, it was hard and several times I thought I was losing my mind.  I had surgery on the 14th of September and doctor’s orders, I wasn’t able to run for 4 weeks.  In some ways, it was good timing because I knew I would be cleared to run in Hawaii and it was something to look forward to.  But the last few weeks at work were hard and I had no outlet to let out my frustration.

This morning I got up and headed out the door.  This was my starting line. This was the beginning of starting fresh…


While visiting Hawaii, I have a 3 mile route that I try to do everyday.  It’s just up a hill, to the end of the road, and back to our condo.  It’s a simple route but it’s beautiful.  Running this morning felt good, slow but good.


I could spend more time focusing on why the last 4 weeks were hard but I’m not going to, it’s in the past.  I think Sinead says it says it best…even though she’s not talking about running, nothing compares to you er should I say running.



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