My Church

I’ve been listening to Maren Morris’ new album while going back and forth to Seattle these last few weeks.  She’s young but has been in the country music scene for awhile.  You might have heard her song ‘My Church‘, that is if you listen to country music stations.  I love this song and for me has a lot of different meanings.

Even though I was raised in the church, going every time the doors were open until I got to high school, I wouldn’t have said I was religious.  At that time, I felt judged not by folks in high school, but from the people I was going to church with, so I stopped going.  I’ve tried or researched just about every religion trying to figure out what I truly believe.  I won’t get into that with this post but I will share with you one of my favorite churches…running.  Are you surprised?

For me running is very spiritual.  Getting up early in the morning or running after work, it’s just me, myself, and I thinking and working through all the trials in life.  I love running through my neighborhoods whether it’s in the city or the country.  Each has different views and smells which opens my mind.  I love running in different cities to see something that I wouldn’t normally see if I were just to drive by in a car.

When I don’t run, I don’t feel well. The lack of getting outside and pounding the pavement makes me more stressed, my buttons are easily pushed, and I’m really not that great to be around.  Running allows me to breathe deeply while breathing out the stress and negative emotions.  Running keeps me balanced.

When I first started running, a few people interpreted that I was running from something. At the time, I probably was. Today, I know I’m running towards something.  Running keeps me healthy, both mentally and physically.  Unfortunately, I haven’t made running a priority these last few months but I’m working on getting back on track.  I ran 8 miles yesterday morning and it felt awesome.  It wasn’t the fastest I’ve run but that wasn’t the point.  Today, I woke up and ran another 3.  With work and everything else I’m doing, running needs to come first because it will make everything else so much easier.

So it’s true…I’ve cussed on a Sunday.  I’ve cheated and I’ve lied.  But I find my holy redemption when I’m running through life. Can I get a hallelujah?


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