Olympic Injuries

The Olympics are over and I think I’m going through withdrawals…nothing to watch on TV, nothing to look up on the news every morning, no more medal counts to celebrate, no story about some athlete overcoming something bad.   On the other hand, my body is probably thanking me.

Anyone else have any ‘Olympic’ injuries?  Were you motivated by Simone and Aly and attempted the back handspring twist with a jump at the end?  How about Katie in the pool, did you try to go out and beat her WR in the 800 freestyle?  Or how about Bolt in the 100m…did you sprint to the end of your driveway to see if you could maybe qualify in 2020?  Don’t even get me started on Beach Volleyball, my favorite event.  Walking around in my bikini in the house just isn’t the same.  Kerri wears it so much better.

Yeah, me too.  I found myself watching sports I never even liked and thought, I need to get in better shape – everyone, every country was inspiring!  While watching the Men’s Cycling event, I got out and put in 40 miles on my bike.  Women’s Tri – I went out and attempted to run a 10k in my neighborhood.  During gymnastics, I was inspired by the 41-year old lady from Uzbekistan in the vault…I mean if she can do, then maybe there’s hope for me.  Just kidding but I did find my self stretching and doing yoga poses while watching the flexible gymnast and remembering I used to be flexible too.

Track & Field has never been my favorite event to watch but I found myself intrigued by their speed and their form. I mean I should enjoy it since I love to run but I don’t particularly like to watch other people run.  However, I started thinking about my speed and my form.  What are they doing that I’m not?  For one, I work full time at a desk.  Second, I had sushi tonight for dinner (last night it was a chili dog).  I’m sure they had a protein drink or some chicken.  Finally, when I run, I feel like I sort of shuffle my feet.  I don’t pick them up and I definitely don’t kick them behind me to project me forward.  Why?  I’m lazy.  It takes a lot of work to run like an Olympian.

So Saturday and Sunday, as we were watching the Track & Field and the Men’s Marathon, I decided I would work out while they ran.  I watched them closely and then I tried to mimic what they were doing.  First, I did knee raises (picking up my knees one at a time then at a faster speed) then I did the opposite motion, kicks.  Basically for kicks, you’re trying to kick your heels to your butt.  Take a moment…try it….I’ll wait. OK, how do you feel.  It was hard, right?  Right.  I figure over time if I work on these exercises, I will get stronger…and ultimately faster. In the mean time though, my hamstrings are killing me.

I love watching the Olympics, particularly the Summer Olympics.  I’m sad their over but like my hubby said, we don’t have to stress about missing the latest record that was broken or the gold medal match we missed.  I don’t feel quite as strongly as the Winter Olympics so I guess I’ll have to find other ways to stay motivated.

What motivates you?  Any injuries from trying to mimic your favorite Olympian?

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