Juggling Failure

At the beginning of the year, I mentioned I was joining the circus to be a juggler. Not really but I knew that 2016 was going to be jammed packed and I would need a crash course on how to manage it all.  In my head, this is what I pictured…



Now that August is almost done, this how it feels like it’s going…
I knew this year was going to be challenging but in true ‘Rebecca’ fashion, I seem to be dropping all the important balls family, health, friends, running, volunteer, & school.
The one ball I don’t seem to be dropping is work.  I wouldn’t say I’m excelling at it but it is taking up a lot of my time and energy.  I find myself up late at night thinking about work, checking emails, responding to emails, worrying about what my co-workers and leaders think of me, wondering if I will ever get that promotion I’ve wanted for years. I’m working on an exciting project but it comes with a lot of stress. So maybe I’m dropping the work ball too. I need to do a mind shift and use that energy towards the things I really love.
Speaking of things I love, this morning I woke up and started watching the Olympics.  I LOVE the Olympics, particularly the Summer Olympics.  When I turned on the TV, the Women’s Triathlon was on and USA and the Swiss were neck and neck almost the entire way!  USA took gold!  Afterwards, I immediately laced up my running shoes and went for a run.  I figured since the triathlon ran a 10k, then I would do the same but in my own neighborhood but my run wasn’t so fun. The sun & heat got to me and I was reminded I haven’t been running like I should. I’m not really in shape or in the shape I want to be in.  I ended up only running 4.67 of the 6.2 miles.
These Olympics have inspired & motivated to get my fitness back on track, back to cooking my own meals, and making time to go for a run. Sure, last weekend I rode a 100 miles but it took way longer than it should have because I hadn’t made the time to train.  In  a few weeks, I’ll be running a marathon…I can’t let these last few weeks go by without putting in some sort of effort.  I know that if I can get my fitness back on track, everything else will fall into place.  When I’m fit, I’m happy and life (family, health, friends, work, volunteer, & school) seems to be so much easier.

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