Running Mad

One of my favorite running t-shirts has this logo on it…


It reminds me that no matter what life hands me to “Just Run.”  Running is what I love. It’s hard for me to explain to others why I love it so much.  Some people get it, others don’t.

Why am I running mad today?

Well I’m signed up to run the Bend half marathon this weekend.  The plan was the hubby and I would travel to Bend, visit our friends, and I would run the race Sunday morning.  I made these plans in December, confirmed again last month with our friends, and last night they called to say they wouldn’t be home.  They totally forgot and had made plans to see their go see son in a tennis tournament. I’m not mad at them, they have a good reason.  I’m mad at myself.  I’m mad that when something is important to me, I relied on someone else to help make it happen. I’m mad that I’m trying to make everyone else around me happy and still take advantage of what I love doing.  I’m sort of mad at the hubby but it’s totally unfair to him, I’m just looking at someone to blame besides myself.  And by the time he gets home tonight, I won’t be mad at him anymore, hopefully.

I’ve thought about going on my own but it defeats the whole purpose of spending time with our friends and with the hubby.  Plus, it’s a 5+ hour drive – one way.  So I’m trying to come to terms that this will be my first DNS (did not start).  Ironically, I told a friend earlier this week that a DNS is no big deal when in reality it’s a big deal to me.  Through the six years of running, I’ve never not run a race I signed up for…not even through chemo.  I’m disappointed.  I’m a little grumpy. There will be other races though and this race just wasn’t meant to be.

However, as the saying goes…Run Happy, Run Grumpy, Run Fast, Run Slow, Run a Little, Run a Lot, Just Run.  That’s what I will do.  I will wake up Sunday morning and go for a run.  There won’t be anyone cheering me on or a medal when I get back home but the point is I can’t let something little get in the way of what I love doing.



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