Meet in the Middle or At Least Halfway…

Diamond Rio has this catchy little tune called Meet in the Middle.  It’s about two young people meeting each other halfway between their two houses.  After these folks get married, it goes on to talk about meeting in the middle through their marriage – because they each give a little. Working it out…because that’s what love is all about.

Blacked Eyed Peas also have another song called Meet Me Halfway – and while I was finding the link I also realized  Kenny Loggins has a song too.  Again more songs about love and relationships and meeting each other half way.

When I was 21, I finally ventured out on I-40 past Little Rock, AR and headed west for a summer job in Arizona.  Once I made it to New Mexico, I knew I was meant to live out west.  For the next 3 years, I made it my mission to figure out how to get out there for good.  The real mountains (not those little hills in Tennessee) were calling.  Finally, when I was 24, it happened.  I moved to Flagstaff, AZ for my first full time job.

Shortly after I lost my dad I decided I needed to be closer to an airport so I put in for a job transfer and moved to Phoenix.  It was great – sunshine most of the year and hiking within the city limits. If I had any desire to be in the snow, it was only 2 hrs away.  After a few years, I got restless.  I thought I needed to move North to Alaska – my friend had told me my odds for finding a mountain man were good…although the goods were odd.  I didn’t quite make it and now I know I would have never survived the winters…or the crazy mountain men.  I made it as far north as Washington and married my hubby.

The hubby grew up in Oregon and I’ll admit we didn’t really discuss our future of  living around the world before we got married.  Minor detail.  After we got married, I started talking about all the places I wanted to move next.  He quickly responded that we were going to die in the NW.  My heart sank.  How could I have married someone who wants to stay in one place??  I’ve already done that.  This world is so big and has so much to offer!  So much to see, only one lifetime to see it all. And yes, I’m being a bit dramatic.

Over the last few years, I’ve hinted I needed to move. I’m restless again.  I’ve even convinced him we should move some place sunnier.  Because my soul needs the sun!  He’s on board with the sun.  However, we’ve had several ‘discussions’ on where that place is – is it Hawaii?  Is it Oregon?  (Central Oregon), Is it California?  Is it Nevada? Is it Utah?  Is it Colorado?   We want to live in a place that has something we each love.  I want culture, he wants fishing.

I could come up with a reason for each of these places… cost of living (California, Hawaii); limited access (Hawaii); lack of jobs (Oregon, Hawaii); crappy politics (Oregon & California); environmental issues (California); crazy religious laws (Utah);  Nevada is well, Nevada – although one of my favorite people lives there so that would be fun! While I believe the perfect place would be Colorado, the hubby strongly disagrees and has asked I not bring it up again.  (p.s. – this isn’t me bringing it up again, just telling the story.)  But even still we’re having trouble figuring out where we’re going to land.

I did some research on the internet and found a quiz to help us figure it all out.  I was so excited!  This was going to solve all of our problems.  What did the quiz tell me??  Little Rock, AR. Um, no thank you.  Somehow the quiz missed the part where I said ‘WEST!’  I took it again…this time it said Spokane, WA…ugh, NOT WA!  I’ve now determined this quiz is crap!  We might be better off just throwing a dart at a map. Or if the hubby just would do what I say and move where I want we wouldn’t be in this mess…although I guess that’s not really meeting each other in the middle. However,one of us would be happy and isn’t that the same as meeting halfway?  Half of us is happy?  Just kidding.

At this point, the hubby and I just need to find a spot that meets most of our requirements but until we do, we’re here in the Emerald City area…where it rains a lot and there is no yellow brick road. On a positive note, summer is coming so our rainy season is wrapping up. I’ll be posting a lot on Facebook every time the sun is out and I’m soaking up as many rays as I can.



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