Walk of Shame – Part Deux

Last year I wrote about the walk of shame…not the same one like I did when I was 20. Although I sort of miss that time in my life…not having a care in the world, not necessarily coming home in the same clothes I went out in the night before.

Today, the hubby and I went cross country skiing.  It’s been something we’ve talked about for the last few weeks but today was the day.  Seems like we go at least once a year and last year the hubby finally bought his own skis.  We drove down to White Pass Ski Area which is about 2 hours from our house and planned on skiing for the afternoon.

In my post last February, I talked about how the ski conditions were not really suitable and I ended up taking my skis off and walking down the mountain.  Today, the conditions were almost perfect.  Perfect blue sky, perfect groomed trails, all the trails were open…you get the point, the day was perfect.

We didn’t get a map because I was sure we knew where we were going – we come every year!  We ended up on the practice loop in which a toddler was learning how to ski so apparently we didn’t know where we were going.  The instructor, or maybe her mom, said sit back in you heels…and I took note.  Once we got on the right trail, we headed out from the yurt and immediately I didn’t feel like I had my ski legs ready. Maybe I needed another go around the practice loop.  The hubby was ready so I decided to walk down the short hill…just until I could be flat.  I don’t know what’s worse – seeing everyone see you start off walking or falling on your ass.

I remembered the mother’s note about sitting back in the heels and I started to feel quite confident. Up and down the hills, not too big but enough to feel like I knew what I was doing.  We looped around the lake and headed on another loop.  We go to a certain point and found a loop within the loop.  Still feeling quite confident, I started to wonder what I could do if I actually took a lesson.  There were folks that were passing us that looked so graceful and yet I felt like that toddler.  I bet if I actually took a lesson, I might get a little better – learn some tricks.

Finally, after about an hour, I noticed my legs were getting tired.  I knew from experience once my legs get tired, I begin to fall.  I get discouraged.  Then fear sets in and I’m scared to put on my skis because I will crash and hurt myself.  Then what’s worse – walking with your skis or having your hubby drag you in the rescue basket??

After going through yet another loop, we came to THE HILL. There is no way in hell I’d ever go down the hill but I could go up.  The hubby was doing great.  I followed him but when I started to slide backwards, I decided I’d be better off walking up the hill. So I took off a ski and it quickly went sliding all the way back down.  I ran after it but luckily a nice gentleman stopped it from reaching the bottom.  Since I ran down and I was carrying my skis, I figured I should probably still get a workout and I ran up the hill.  Ugh…not a pretty site.  I will say my act inspired another skier to take off their skis and walk up- so not a total waste.

At the top there was another loop and the hubby asked, do we go or go home?  I decided I was done.  The hubby said ‘one last hill and it’s downhill!’  I said have fun and I’d meet him at the bottom.  Ugh…all I could think of was falling all the way down. So you guessed it…I walked down the hill, carrying my skis.  I don’t want to hurt myself and not be able to run the races I planned for the year.  Running is more important to me than skiing.  As I was walking I started to realized I’d walked/carried my skis more than actually skiing today. Still a good workout but not what I had planned.  I want to love skiing but I’m so afraid of getting hurt.  Maybe cross country skiing just isn’t my thing.

It was a beautiful day….for a walk in the snow.

P.S. For Sale:  Gently used Cross Country Skis – Best offer.




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