Monday Runday

Since my #RWRunStreak is now over, I had every intention of running this weekend.  Instead, I took a few days off. I didn’t exactly lay on the couch, at least not all weekend – I went to breakfast with a friend, walked around the lake, went fishing with my husband, and cleaned out some junk drawers and closets.   The funny thing, I guess I might be the only one who thinks it’s funny, I realized during those 37 days of running I felt so much better and slept better too.  I didn’t take any sleeping pills to help me fall asleep or keep me asleep.  I’ll admit that it was tough to get out there and run every day but I will say every day I felt better about it.  Must have been the fresh air, the blood pumping through my veins, the feeling at the end of the 37 days that I really accomplished something.


I mentioned the sleep thing.  For the last several months, I’ve been anxious.  I couldn’t really tell you about any one thing, really just lots of things.  Running helped that anxious feeling.  The last few nights, I’ve resorted to my old sleep patterns.  I’m really tired when I get into bed, read for a bit until my eyes just can’t stay open.  Somewhere in the moment when I put down the book and my head falls back on the pillow, I’m wide awake.  Thinking about stuff.  Stuff that doesn’t really matter. I had that racing mind feeling.


So yesterday (Monday), I decided I need to get back out there. I didn’t want too much time to pass and I lose my momentum.  Ok, I might have lost a little bit of momentum.  Back up in the condo in Seattle, I’m trying not to come home for work and just bury myself in Netflix.  I never feel good about binge watching.  So as soon as I got home, no time to talk myself out of running, I put on my running clothes/gear and headed out the door.


It’s still dark out but luckily, my mother-in-law got me some awesome knuckle lights for Christmas.  Instead of wearing a headlamp, the knuckle lights are another lightweight option to make sure people see me running in the dark.  Back to the actual running part – I headed towards Green Lake for my 5-mile loop.  It’s a mile to the lake, 3 around, and then another mile back to the condo.  The lake was beautiful and I was quite surprised about how many people were out there running. I guess maybe folks are working on their resolutions.  I was even more surprised how many people were running without lights.  I mentioned it was dark, right?!?  The lake path isn’t lighted so if anyone I needed my knuckle lights to see in front of me.


As I was headed home, I tried to figure out what I would eat for dinner.  I had eaten leftovers for lunch and I hadn’t been shopping in a while so I stopped at Subway.  I know not the best choice but I didn’t want to go to the store after I got home.  I chatted with the guy behind the counter and he asked if I had been running and then asked if I was a professional athlete.  At first I was like uh, yes I’ve been running and then I was almost about to thank him for thinking I might be a pro.  But then he launched into his spiel about how running is bad for you.  Bad for the knees, bad for the back, and even said I wasn’t going to live very long because I’m a runner.  He suggested that since I wasn’t a pro, I should find a better, alternative for cardio. I just said I understand what he was saying but right now running makes me happy.  Whatever…thank you for my sandwich.


I thought about what he said on the way home since I still had ½ mile to run (sandwich in hand).  Running is the thing that I don’t really love to do but when I’m done I feel like I could conquer anything – mentally or physically.  I do believe that just running isn’t that good but when paired with strength training and yoga, running is a great cardio tool.   To each his own.  Everyone needs to do what’s best for them.  For me, on Monday, it was running.

Stay tuned for my 2016 race plan…I think I’ve got it narrowed down to the races I want to accomplish this year.

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