Christmas Eve, New Traditions

It’s Christmas Eve, you know in case you didn’t realize it.  I had to work today but I did it from home and it was a s-l-o-w day.  I have a lot of great memories of Christmas Eve with my family and growing up.  But today, was unique and honestly it was just what I needed.  It was just Alan and me.

This afternoon, we decided to head over to the coast and go razor clamming (we did this earlier this year).  We’ve been waiting for the ‘season’ to open and today was the day.  We figured it wouldn’t too crowded.

In the past, we’ve been going to West Port but that beach was still closed for clamming so we headed a little more north just past Ocean Shores.  As usual, we got there way too early but we scoped out our spot and then headed into “town.”  We stopped at the Green Lantern Tavern for a beer and some fried mushrooms.  The tavern was a unique place, something only locals could really appreciated.  But it served it’s purpose and provided some good people watching.

We headed back to our spot, again a little early, but we decided to ‘suit up’ in our waiters and bundle up in our coats to go check things out.  It was a bit chilly at 40 degrees but it wasn’t raining.  In fact, the sun was out.  It was absolutely beautiful.  A lot of folks were just wading in the water.  The funny thing about clamming – one minute your standing on the beach by yourself then the next you look up and see about a thousand.

I stood  feet firmly planted in the sand, palms at my side and just faced the sun.  I wouldn’t say I felt warmth from the sun but it did warm my soul.  There was a cold ocean breeze and the moments I stood there just felt so magical.  The last few months I’ve been stressing myself out over a lot of nothing, really.  For once, instead of worrying about the future, dwelling on the past, I just stood there in the moment.  I haven’t felt that peaceful in a long time. I could have stayed like that for hours listening to the waves crash, staring into the sun.  I was taking advantage of the present – something I really need to learn to do more.  Soaking in all the sun I could and feeling the breeze on my face felt invigorating.  I also thought…I’ve got to buy some ocean front property.


Alright, so after I stood there a few minutes, I realized I needed a warmer coat so I got the keys from Alan and headed back to the truck.  By the time I got back to Alan, he had already got 6 clams.  The limit is 15 per person.  Yikes!  I’m behind!  So we found a few good spots and I soon caught up.  Within about 30-45 minutes, we were done.  Just in time too because it started to get dark and rain.

We headed home and Alan is in the process of cleaning them and fixing a few for tonights dinner.  Today was a very good Christmas Eve.


p.s. I also got my run in today with the dogs.  Day 29 of #RWRunStreak Done!!

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