Santa Runs Tacoma

Yesterday was day #17 in the #RWRunStreak and my bff and I ran the Santa Runs Tacoma half marathon.  This was the 4th race I’ve done this year in Tacoma put on by the Tacoma City Marathon Association (TCMA).  They do a great job with every aspect of a race.  The races are somewhat small but still a lot of fun!


The course was similar or had similar aspects to the other races I’d done in Tacoma.  It was nice that it wasn’t exactly the same especially since we were on Ruston Way.  Although Ruston Way can be beautiful with scenery of the waterfront, it can also be quite windy.  There were a variety of folks running with various costumes – lots of Santa’s & Mrs. Claus, few snowmen, I think I saw 12 Drummer Boys/Girls, and one reindeer costume.  I’m always amazed at what people chose to wear during a race.  I’m not one for costumes.  The best I could do was wear a green shirt.  No bells, no whistles 🙂


I finished in 2:03.  I was worried about running since I’ve been doing this run streak thing – running at least a mile a day (mostly more) since Thanksgiving – but 2:03 wasn’t bad.  No PR but I’m happy.  My legs actually felt pretty good and I’m not even sore today which is an added bonus.

The weather wasn’t great but it was typical for December.  It was about 46 degrees and raining.  Luckily, it didn’t pour the entire time.  The start of the race was somewhat dry with a few sprinkles but by the end we were soaked and by the time we got home, it was raining really hard.  I couldn’t wait to get my wet clothes off and take a nice long, hot shower.



We spent the afternoon rehydrating at the Oly Taproom 🙂

This was the last race of the year.  I’m looking at 2016 races.  Do you have any planned?  Would you recommend any?



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