Sweating Champagne

It’s day 11 of the #RWRunStreak challenge and it was probably my toughest day yet.

day 11

Last night was my company Christmas party and boy was it a party!  The theme was 007/James Bond and it was great to see everyone dressed up. Great food and lots of champagne.  (There as also a martini lounge but champagne is my drink of choice) The hubby even allowed one photo…

holiday party

And today well, I felt the effects of too much champagne.  I definitely was not motivated to do much of anything other than napping.  If it was any other day, I’d stay on the couch and relax.  But I didn’t, I couldn’t let myself down.  I made a commitment and I’m happy to say I haven’t broken my streak. I may have only done the minimum today (1 mile) but I got it done and I feel a lot better. I felt like I was sweating champagne though.

So far, in the 11 days, I’ve run 29.65 miles and lost 1lb. I’ve noticed positive changes in my body and it’s encouraging.  I’ve also noticed a few negatives too – my legs are feeling the constant pounding and I’ve started to wonder if I can actually make it to the end.  I’ve been incorporating Epsom salt baths, other leg and ab exercises, and a lot more stretching to help the recovery process.  Trying not to go out fast everyday – this challenge (at least for me) isn’t about speed.  With a challenge like this, my goal is to make it to the end.  I already know that I can’t run fast and long everyday. For me, it’s about keeping myself accountable and following through.

Stay tuned, next weekend I’ve got a half marathon.  We’ll see how that goes.


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