2015 Year End Review

It’s New Years Eve – again I’m stating the obvious.  I’m good at that. I’ve been working on my year end review for work…not exactly my favorite thing to do this time of year.  The exercise got me thinking not only what’s happened professionally but personally in my life. Overall, 2015 wasn’t so bad.  I’m […]

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Christmas Eve, New Traditions

It’s Christmas Eve, you know in case you didn’t realize it.  I had to work today but I did it from home and it was a s-l-o-w day.  I have a lot of great memories of Christmas Eve with my family and growing up.  But today, was unique and honestly it was just what I needed.  […]

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Santa Runs Tacoma

Yesterday was day #17 in the #RWRunStreak and my bff and I ran the Santa Runs Tacoma half marathon.  This was the 4th race I’ve done this year in Tacoma put on by the Tacoma City Marathon Association (TCMA).  They do a great job with every aspect of a race.  The races are somewhat small […]

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Sweating Champagne

It’s day 11 of the #RWRunStreak challenge and it was probably my toughest day yet. Last night was my company Christmas party and boy was it a party!  The theme was 007/James Bond and it was great to see everyone dressed up. Great food and lots of champagne.  (There as also a martini lounge but champagne is my […]

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