It’s a marathon, not a sprint – celebrating 10 years


Sometimes I like to think of our marriage like a marathon. It’s hard work and you are constantly training to be better, stronger.   For a marathon, you need the following:  motivation, goals, nutrition, hydration and recovery. For a marriage, you sort of need those too.

Motivation & Goals: So here we are right in the midst of a marathon…ten years ago today, Alan and I exchanged vows to be with each other for the distance… and we’re still going strong. We have the same goals which is to have as much fun as possible.

I’m not gonna lie, during our ten years we’ve hit the wall a time or two in our marriage.  Questioning if we really signed up for the right ‘race’ but we’re always there to cheer each other on, give some tough love, and remind each other that we’re running  this marathon together, not sprinting in a 5k or 10k.  I think that’s what makes our marriage last.  We’re there for each other when it really counts.

Nutrition: Every marriage needs to be fed and it just so happens Alan is an amazing cook. I probably fail this part of the marriage.  If it were up to me, we’d have PB&J’s every night or pancakes (I’m the best pancake maker this side of the Mississippi.)  If you’ve ever been to our house, you’ll know that I don’t cook our meals.  I hate cooking, it stresses me out.  I went to a lecture recently for one of my favorite authors and she said that her husband says…”A woman’s place is in the kitchen….with her feet up, drinking a glass of wine.”  Yep – that’s our marriage:  Me and a glass of wine watching my husband cook me a beautiful meal from our garden.  And he provides great nourishment for our marriage.

Hydration: It was about 4 years into our marriage that we decided to take up making our own beer and wine.  We visited some friends who were brewing and we both thought it would be a great hobby we could take up – both of us knew nothing about making beer so we were on an even playing field. This helped us connect and try something completely different.  We’ve made quite a bit of beer & wine in the last few years and so far, we haven’t made a bad batch yet.  Having a little ‘hydration’ in the marriage helps not take things too serious.

Recovery:  Every year for our anniversary, we come back to the place where it all started (except for #3 – we went to Australia).  We got married with 35 of our closest friends and family at The Beach House restaurant in Kauai and it couldn’t have been a more perfect day. Our marriage may not be perfect but when we come back every year, it allows us to recharge ourselves and start the next year/mile off with the right foot.

Here’s a few photos of us through our marathon journey… we’re all set to finish strong.

Wedding  Our Family Australia Winery Fishing in Hawaii Rendevous 

Australia Zoo  18

Our Family Hawaii


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