This is 40

A few things come to mind as I reach this milestone in life… 1) I never thought I would ever be 40…not saying I thought I would die before I got here, it just always seemed so far off. It’s like I’m not my parents age…and it just seems wrong. 2) I remember when my […]

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This upcoming Saturday (March 28th) is the go-live of my Forty & Fucking Fabulous Project (F&FP).  It will be a week long launch on the Big Island so we can celebrate 40 years of my wonderful life – and it has been a joy.  If you’ll remember, on January 1, I launched the F&FP in hopes […]

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Have you ever had a goal that took a long time to accomplish? Yesterday, I accomplished my long time goal of running a half marathon in under two hours – maybe not by much but it’s still under 2 hours. In running, every second counts. I started running in October 2009. My very first race […]

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Hot Chocolate 15k Recap

Last year for Christmas, our family decided instead of buying each other gifts, we would buy our own gift.  We wrapped it up and on Christmas morning we unwrapped and showed everyone what we bought ourselves. This way everyone got what they wanted and there would be no returns.  So I bought myself a race […]

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