Before I go into too much detail about the title of this blog and the meaning to me, let me give some background…

My parents raised me by taking me to the symphony and teaching me to love music.  I played piano for 8 years and was in the band for 8 years (and yes, I plenty of “this one time at band camp” stories).  I was even in Chorus in high school – but they put me on the back row, probably because I wasn’t very good.  I wouldn’t say I’m musically inclined but I do have a huge appreciation for all types of music.  And from time to time, a song speaks to me and for a few days, it becomes my theme song -the song I listen to when I’m just not feeling my best.

This week, that song was Geronimo – Shepherd.  The first few beats are uplifting and builds as the song plays.  The words are even somewhat fitting for this past week.  (Also makes for a good song for my running play list)

You see, last Monday I went to work for a consulting firm.  I left what I thought was my “dream job” because in the end it just wasn’t the right time.  By taking this new job,  it’s a new leap of faith for my career and I’m jumping in with both feet…pretty much yelling Geronimo! (yet again)

I think the song is really talking about love but to me, I’m lucky enough to have a lot of ‘loves’ in my life…husband, family, pets, running…and my career.

The first few lyrics of the song start out with “Can you feel it?”  Yes, I can definitely feel it!  I’m excited and scared all at the same time. I’m trying to not have high expectations because in some ways, that’s what always get me into trouble and left feeling disappointed. However, it is a good company and I’m surrounded by a lot of smart people. It will be challenging and in the end I hope it will help me grow.   In consulting; you get in, do the job, and you leave.  There’s always something new and I think this maybe a good fit for me.

So…here’s to a new starting line..

Say Geronimo!

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