F&FF Project Update

Well it’s day 39 and I’m almost at the half way point of the Forty & Fucking Fabulous (F&FF) Project.  It’s been interesting and it’s been fun.  I’ve tried to mix up my routine by trying different workouts, food choices, and limiting my alcohol consumption.  The scale has moved in both directions and I’d like to say that I’m half way to my goal but I’m not.  However, I’m happy with the progress and I’m starting to realize that the number in my head just may not be realistic anymore – I just can’t compete with my 29 year old self.  Most important, I’m motivated to get in better shape. I’m not going to take 40 laying down.

The biggest progress I made was 35 days without drinking.  I attended happy hours and other celebrations and I’m I was strong enough to stick to my plan.  It was hard. I wasn’t sure how long I was going to go without but I at least needed to get through January.  I was asked many times why I stopped drinking  but the main reason is I just needed a break from it.  I had also heard that by cutting out alcohol would help me drop more pounds – it really didn’t do that for me.  To be honest, I didn’t see much difference in the way I felt either.  So…I’m not going on a binge but I’m still limiting the amount that I drink.  Enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner and maybe a beer after a nice long run but no overindulging.

I’ve enjoyed spending each week planning my week ahead.  I found that I’m best when I have a plan in place – not only for food choices but also for exercising.  I’m really not a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl…even though I’d like to think I can be, it’s just not who I am.  If you recall, I purchased the training journal for Christmas and it’s really helping.  It has some great exercises to help you determine your strengths and weaknesses – in both running and other areas.  It’s been eye opening and helping me realize how I can be a better runner and ultimately F&FF.  The next few weeks, I’m going to work on some of those weaknesses like stretching and hill training.  I added strength training to my routine and I can already see a difference.

So overall, I feel like I’m on my way to F&FF.

How are you doing with your new year’s goal?

2 thoughts on “F&FF Project Update

  1. I wish I could cut out carbs as easily as you cut out alcohol. As for my goals, I’m mostly on track. Though have a job that takes up a good part of my time now (meaning I don’t work from home) really is hampering my ability to do some of my goals. = )


    1. Funny, I’ve tried to quit in the past but couldn’t…some things I can turn off the switch but others I can’t. I also limited my carbs this last month and surprising I don’t really miss them. I’m learning though that in order to lose weight, it’s really all about balance. Balance the exercise, the proteins, carbs, and alcohol. It’s tough.


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