Walk of Shame

Have you ever done the walk of shame?  Or when was the last time you did the walk of shame?  Just thinking about it brings back some memories.  I think the last time for me was when I was 28 and I had just started dating my hubby.  If you don’t know what the walk of shame is (like I’m sure my mother has never done it), it means that when you wake up you have to put on the clothes you had the night before and go home – there’s a little more to it than that but that’s all I’m explaining.  Well…I had to do the walk of shame this weekend but it was a different kind of shame…

We decided to go on another weekend adventure.  Cross country skiing.  We’ve done it several times before and enjoy it – it’s a great workout and great way to get outside. The hubby finally purchased his own set of skis this past week and so we needed to break them in.  I’ve had my skis for at least 15 years – my friend Libby sold me hers for $50 – and I’ve definitely gotten my money worth.  Every time I use them, I think of her.  The closest trails are about 2 hours away to White Pass Ski Resort.  They have a decent nordic center that have several miles of cross country trails.

When we woke up yesterday it was gray – big surprise – and foggy.  It wasn’t till we started to climb in elevation that the fog lifted.  And when it did, a huge smile appeared on my face.  Even through the car window, that moment when the sun appeared, I could feel the warmth.  It was awesome.  Amazing how something as simple as the sun can improve my mood.


OK so we arrived at White Pass shortly after noon and even though I checked conditions before we left, I was surprised.  Typically there is a ton of snow this time of year and the parking lot is full of cars and snow.  But not yesterday…the parking lot was partially full but no snow.  Snow on the mountain and on the trails but not in the parking lot.  We purchased our trail pass ($10 a piece – cheap weekend) and was told of the areas that were decent for skiing.  We’d have to go on the upper trail around the lake because the lower trail was mostly ice.


One thing I should mention…since the hubby just purchased his skis, he was told he needed to wax them and he did.  I asked if he waxed mine and he said no but he would if I’d go get them and the wax. He’s such a nice hubby.  When we pulled our skis out of the car, he looked at my skis and asked “did you read what’s on your skis?”  I replied, “um, no.”  When I looked at them it said “Wax less”…I will now refer to this as the time when my hubby tried to kill me – even though it was my fault -it’s just funnier if I blame him.  You see, adding wax to skis and then going on crappy trail conditions that have ice, it a recipe for a lot of falling.

Alright so we headed out on the trail.  I made it about 10 feet and fell – hmm maybe I need to get my ski legs adjusted.  It’s been awhile since we’ve been out.  We skied on the back side of the lake, climbed the hill and finally made it to some decent snow. It was so beautiful.  The sun was out and I snapped several pictures of the beautiful trees and snow.  I was finally getting my ski legs back and was enjoying the day.  Probably enjoying it too much and began to get a little cocky – I’ve got this!  I can totally do this!  I’m totally working my legs and arms out!  I’m burning some serious calories! It’s awesome!  Let’s do this next weekend!  And then I fell.  And again.  And again. And at least one more time.
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We were out there for about 2 hours or so and mainly stuck to one of the loops of trails.  We could have ventured out but I didn’t want to risk it. The last time I fell, I fell hard – banged up my knee, bruised my tailbone and twisted my index finger.  I realized I could get hurt really bad – like twisting a knee or worse.  And since I have a few races coming up, I didn’t want to risk getting hurt anymore.

So when I finally caught up to the hubby, I said I was done.  If there had been better snow, I would have been willing to stayed out longer.  So we headed back to the car…remember when I said we climbed the hill, well now we had to go down the hill.  The hill had some of the worse snow – or I should say ice and there was a huge drop off into the lake.  This is where I did the walk of shame…It was embarrassing.  Carrying my skis down the hill, passing people coming up the hill.  Oh well – I know I burned some calories.  I never said I was an expert skier.  Well go again if it snows but the weather man says there no sign of snow in the near future.

2015-01-31 14.46.36

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