It was a dark and dreary day…

I went running this morning and I realized it’s days like this that I have the hardest time…dark, gray, and wet.  It’s days like this that I imagine living some place more tropical, someplace where there is sun.  After each mile, I thought snow would be better than this, today.  I used to think that December 21st was the worst day of the year because it is the shortest.  I tell myself that after December 21st, it can only get better, the days will get longer.  However, I now think that January is the hardest.  Even though we’re making progress on those longer days…it’s a slow process.

When I first moved to the PNW, I just told myself that everyone is experiencing the darkness, the grayness…now I just know better.  I know that somewhere, someone is feeling the sun on their face.   Last week, I was sitting at my desk early in the morning and I could see the sun was trying to make an appearance.  It reminded me that no matter how gray,  how rainy, the sun is shining above those dark clouds. I’m working on focusing on that…


Well I’m a week into my project and I’ve made progress.  I tried a few new work outs,  I ran, and I’ve eaten well.  Probably the most shocking is it’s been 11 days alcohol free.  I nervously got on the scale this week and it budged slightly in my favor.  I was excited, it’s good to know that I’m making progress, making more healthy decisions.

I’m still researching races for 2015.  So far I’ve signed up for the Hot Chocolate 15k and the Tacoma St. Paddy’s Day Half Marathon.  I’m contemplating a full marathon in April/May but still thinking…

Any races you’ve signed up for or would recommend?





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