Laufen in Deutschland #RunHappy #Promenade

I’m back in Munster for another project which means long days (weekend included) in the office and little time for running after work.  And boy, have I needed a good run!  I finally made it out at about 9:30 am on Sunday after my cappuccino and croissant – my favorite breakfast.  It was a bit chilly but the fresh air was just what I needed to help with my jet lag.

I’m still in love with this town even in the winter.  Granted it’s a little colder and a little darker than the last time I was here but it’s still quite beautiful.  There aren’t as many people on the promenade but still a few diehards – I would say like myself but since I’ve only gotten in one run, I would classify myself as a die hard.

Here are a few pics from my run.  If you go back to my previous post #Run Happy in Deutschland you can see the same pics – but with leaves on the trees.

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