Kauai Adventures

Tomorrow, the hubby and I will celebrate 8 years of marriage.  It’s been good, it’s been bad, and it’s never been ugly…I wouldn’t trade any of it.  Each year (well except for #3, we went to Australia), we spend in Kauai.  For the most part, we do the same thing…

Wake up, lay in bed and watch the ocean, eat breakfast which includes fresh tuna, papaya, mango, banana’s, star fruit, and tree tomatoes then head to the pool or ocean to work on our tan and sip wine or at least I do. Then when the day is over we make dinner and watch the ocean some more.  On the occasion, we’ve had some friends join us.   I love spending time with the hubby but I also enjoy sharing our rituals with our friends.

This year, it was just us.  Just the two of us.  Me & him.

We’ve done most of the excursions on the island – zip lining, kayaking, ATV’s, fishing, boogie boarding (FYI – we learned the hard way – or at least the hubby did – that you need to remove wedding rings for this one event), helicopter ride, luaus (I think we’ve done them all)  and snorkeling.  We attend the activity session at our timeshare the first morning to see if there is anything new we haven’t tried…and to see if we will win something – they usually do a 2 for 1 – but in the 8 years we’ve been coming, we’ve never won.

This year, we knew we wanted to try stand up paddle boarding…at least the water is warmer than Seattle.  I liked it  and I might do it again although I think we would try a different location.  It was a good use of $20 for the board rental and it was a great workout!  Even though I’ve finally made it to the point of snorkeling without hearing the Jaws theme song, I still heard it when I was on the board.  I could just imagine Jaws riding up beside me with his great big fin coming out of the water and that made me a little afraid – I was on constant watch.  We did a few laps in a nearby cove – it was calm and uneventful – no Jaws sightings though.  I think the greatest reward was knowing I was better than the hubby – I really can’t say that too often – so I’m saying it now.  I’m officially better at stand up paddle boarding than my husband!  Of course, he will tell you he’s too tall and that my thighs are bigger which makes my center of mass better for the activity…whatever…I didn’t fall off. Not once.   And thanks for telling me my thighs are bigger.  I’ll let you ask him how many times he fell off and how many bruises he has.

We also went on a sunset cruise.  This was actually a big favorite of mine for several reasons.  First off, the boat left just down the road from our condo – so we walked.  Second, they served ‘sneaky’ tiki’s – a mixed drink with rum and fruit juice but you only taste the fruit juice.  I wasn’t sure if I should drink more to help with my seasickness or less…I went for more.  Turns out I didn’t have any seasickness on this excursion!  It was absolutely gorgeous – I love a good boat ride I truly felt we were sailing off into the sunset…never to return.  But we did…return… that is.  But the best reason I liked this event – we found a cool beach.

So the next day, we ventured out and found this beach.  I’m calling it the secret beach because I won’t share with you where it is.  It was an adventure getting there -scrambling above the ocean cliff, scratching my foot on the volcanic rock, seeing the crabs scurrying across the rock, the hubby pointing out food we could eat in case we get stranded…I kinda felt we were on some survivor show at least for a minute. (On a side note, we used to watch this survivor show with a husband/wife team – they were constantly being dropped off some remote location to survive and eating strange things.  I don’t think it’s on anymore – my guess is they’re divorced) Anyways, we finally made it to the beach and there were – I’m guessing – about 10 people there.  6 were on a kayak tour, 3 were fishing, and the other 2…I guess got there like us.  (Ok – so that’s 11)  It was absolutely beautiful…peaceful.  We played in the waves – still watching out for Jaws – looked for shells, checked out the turtle egg laying habitat, cracked open a bad coconut and got pretty sunburned all while having fun.  At one point, we had the whole beach to ourselves.  It was awesome!  I considered taking my swimsuit off for a skinny dip in the ocean but I didn’t…my luck someone would come and then I would be eaten by a shark – Jaws to be exact.

So tomorrow, the plan is to pick up some more fresh tuna, enjoy the pool, maybe snorkel and we’ll end our vacation week celebrating #8 at the place where we got married.  I’m pretty sure 8 is going to be great!


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