#RunHappy – Deutschland!

As most people know I work for a running company our motto is Run Happy. Since I’ve started working here I’m even more motivated to run – run to work, run at work, run on the weekends, run everywhere, #RunHappy!

I’m currently in our Muenster, Germany office doing some project management work and I will have been here for two weeks before returning home. So after a long day learning how others do their day to day work and just as my other colleagues in the US are coming to work, I take a running break.

Muenster isn’t known for their runners though, their known for their bikes but people do run here it’s just the preferred mode of transportation is bike. Everyone seems to bike and as it turns out the bikes have the right of way. I wouldn’t say their rude, it’s just the way it is and it seems like everyone respects that. I will say I have almost been run over by a couple of bikes while running through town or walking from the train station.

So where do you run in Muenster? Well to be honest, I checked it out before I came, it’s what I do know every time I go to a new city. I wanted to make sure that there was some place that was accessible to my hotel and would give me a good view of the town. Muenster didn’t disappoint. There is a beautiful promenade that circles the city and also leads to a small lake. The path is lined with trees and lights. I find it quite beautiful and after a long day of working and listening to people speak English and German, it’s a welcomed scene.

My route consists of 6 miles. Its two miles to the lake from the hotel then another two miles around the lake (at least to the first bridge) and then another two miles back to the hotel. Apparently Muenster has some interesting sculptures around the town. I’m not sure of the history or the meaning behind them but they are just one more thing that makes my run happier. I’ve been wanting to make it the second bridge but with all the walking we did over the weekend, I think my body is just happy to get out and get some fresh air. I don’t want to push it too much.

My new favorite way to explore the city is to run! Here are some of the interesting sites I see on my route.

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