#WalkHappy Green Lake

I’ve been back to the mainland for a week now.  It seems after every vacation to Hawaii, I get the post vacation blues.  The first week back is always the hardest…reality sinks in.  It’s gray outside, colder, the papaya and pineapple aren’t as fresh and my tan doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the […]

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Kauai Adventures

Tomorrow, the hubby and I will celebrate 8 years of marriage.  It’s been good, it’s been bad, and it’s never been ugly…I wouldn’t trade any of it.  Each year (well except for #3, we went to Australia), we spend in Kauai.  For the most part, we do the same thing… Wake up, lay in bed and […]

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#RunHappy Kauai!

Every year, my husband and I come back to Kauai to celebrate our anniversary. Eight years ago, Friday, we were married here on the island. It’s probably one of my most favorite places to visit. It’s peaceful, it’s beautiful, and most of all it reminds me of the day that I said “I do.” Since […]

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European Vacation (sort of)

Disclaimer – I realize the photos aren’t the greatest here but I will update once I get home. I can’t help but think of references to the movie “European Vacation” and how I’m sure that I’m coming across as a stupid American – taking pictures of every little thing (food, signs, toilets – this last […]

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#RunHappy – Deutschland!

As most people know I work for a running company our motto is Run Happy. Since I’ve started working here I’m even more motivated to run – run to work, run at work, run on the weekends, run everywhere, #RunHappy! I’m currently in our Muenster, Germany office doing some project management work and I will […]

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