What’s Next?

A few weeks ago, I posted about a few of my favorite runs I’ve done over the last several years.  As promised, this post will be about races I’d like to do.  Some people will question why?  Why would I want to spend the money, time to train, time to travel, etc to do this.  Well for me it’s about the experience.  I know I talk about cancer a lot – some might even say too much – but it was a defining moment in my life that made me think about really living my life to the fullest without regret.  Some people don’t get that chance. 

Today my Runner’s World came in the mail.  I always love it when I get my running magazines…I get several.  I usually wait till the right moment to sit down and soak it all in…all the tips, tricks, and inspirational stories.  Sometimes I just thumb through to see what the main topics.  Today, I’m inspired by a man who was a runner but had an unfortunate accident that took both his legs.  He still does triathlons, marathons, and even ultra marathons…that’s inspiration.  He doesn’t let life stop him.  I guess I connected with him because cancer made me realize I don’t want to life to stop either.  I’m happy to be here, I’m happy to run. 

Ok so here it goes…Hubby/CFO, if you’re reading this, don’t worry, I won’t do all these races in one year.  This is my wish list of races for my lifetime and this list could be modified at anytime.  One race (Napa Valley Marathon) I wanted to put on here but I signed up last month so therefore it doesn’t make this list – this list is only for races I’d haven’t registered.  These races have something special to me – whether personal connection, unique features, or some place I’d just like to visit.  I’ll admit anytime I’m traveling to a new place, I look to see if there are any races offered while I’m there.  To me the best way to see a new place is to run through it…

In no particular order…

1) St Jude Marathon – Memphis, TN.  I’ve wanted to do this race for a while but since my BFF from Junior High is now the mother of a cancer survivor, I want to do this more than anything!

2) Little Rock Marathon – Little Rock, AR.  I spent a lot of time in Little Rock as a child.  My grandparents lived there and I have fond memories of going over with my mom to help her aging parents.  As an adult, I realize how important that is/was to her.  Also as a side note, the Little Rock Marathon is known for having the largest medal in the country. One of my girlfriends ran this race and got stopped in security for the unusually large item in her carry on – the TSA guy thought she won.  

3) Flying Pigs Marathon, Cincinnati, OH – Hello??  Flying Pigs?  Why not do this race??

4) Seattle Marathon – I cant believe I’ve been a runner the last few years and haven’t run this race yet!  It’s local!  It’s Thanksgiving weekend! 

5) Mayor’s Marathon – Anchorage, AK – I hear this race has instructions for if you run into a bear or moose along the course.  Uh, sign me up!  Where else do you have an extra challenge like bear and moose? 

6) Missoula Marathon – Missoula, MT – I hear this is a great race. 

7) New York City – In my opinion, this is the granddaddy of all marathons. With an entry fee of $200 plus a lottery to actually get in, it’s on my bucket list…no, I don’t really care to run with thousands and thousands of people but I think it would be cool to see the city in all it’s glory.

8) Marine Corps Marathon – Washington DC.  If the Marines can do it, then I think I can too!  I’m tough…maybe not as tough as a marine but I’m tough.

9) Big Sur – California.  I’ve heard this marathon is absolutely gorgeous! 

10) Grandma’s Marathon – Duluth, MN – Sounds sweet.  A marathon named after Grandma.  🙂

11) Twin Cities Marathon – MN – I’ve heard great things about this race

12) Olathe Marathon – KS – I’m sure you’re asking, why Olathe, KS?  Well this marathon has a Wizard of Oz theme and that just happens to be one of my favorite movies.  I have great childhood memories watching this movie.  So I ask, why not Olathe??

13) Extraterrestrial Full Moon Midnight Marathon –  Rachel, NV – This marathon is run at midnight…in the middle of no where in Nevada.  I’m sure it would be beautiful! 

14) Kona Marathon – Kona, HI – Hawaii…need I say more?  The only thing, well almost, stopping me is the heat. 

15) Honolulu Marathon – Honolulu, HI – I was here race weekend last year (I was doing a different kind of mileage trip) and only wished I had looked at the schedule.  The negative about this race is the entry fee and heat.  Even in December, it was warm. 

16) Salt Lake City Marathon – SLC, UT- Utah is beautiful – I could never live there but I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. 

17) Bozeman Marathon – Bozeman, MT.  Since my brother is close to Bozeman (for the moment) I feel the urge to tie this race in with a visit to see him. 🙂 And I think it would be pretty.

18) Disney World Marathon – Orlando, FL.  If I do this one, I’d also like to do the Goofy Challenge, which is running a half marathon the same weekend.  If you’re gonna do something, you might as well go all the way.  Go big or go home!

19) New Orleans Mardi Gras Marathon – New Orleans, LA.  If you’re gonna party for Mardi Gras, you might as well earn those calories!

20) Miami Marathon – Miami, FL.  Sounds like fun…running, beach, what else is there??

21) San Francisco Women’s Marathon – San Francisco, CA.  Hello, Tiffany necklace as the finisher medal? I don’t think I will have another opportunity to have a diamond Tiffany necklace except to run 26.2 miles.  Of course this is also a lottery race…which means it’s difficult to get in.

22) Marathon Du Medoc – France.  Three words…Running.  Wine. Cheese.  I’m all in.  This race would definitely be fun – instead of water stops there’s wine stops.  Sign me up! 

23) Rome Marathon, Rome, Italy.  If I’m going to Rome, why not run a marathon.  I’m sure it’s full of history and beauty!

24) Athens Marathon, Athens, Greece.  This is where it all started…I think every marathoner would like to run this one.  Back to the roots. 

25) Jerusalem Marathon – Israel.  A friend went here for a work trip and brought back pictures. I never thought I had any desire to go to this city but the history would be amazing!

26) Melbourne Marathon – Melbourne, Australia.  For our 3rd anniversary, we went to Australia.  I wasn’t a runner at the time but when we came back, somehow I got a postcard from the Melbourne Marathon.  I think it’s a sign I should return 🙂 

So there you have it…my bucket list of marathons…at least for today. I’d say on any given day this list could change. 

What’s your bucket list of races? Any I should know about??  Any races you want a buddy?  I’m open for discussion. 


One thought on “What’s Next?

  1. I have some friends who live around Missoula. He’s a marathoner and I’m sure he’s done that marathon. I’d be happy to hook you up with him in email to ask him how it is. AND if you go, I’ll do with you. I’ve been meaning to get to Missoula to see them…so now’s my chance. = )
    I could be your walker stalker…or er ah runner stalker…your Runner Photographer…


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