60 Miles To End Breast Cancer…

I’ve been crazy busy.  Last month I hiked with a group of friends to the top of Mt St Helens…well I almost hiked to the top..my body stopped just before the top and it was probably the hardest hike I’ve ever done.  I’ve been meaning to write about it but the time has gotten away from me.  So I’m just going to move on…

This last weekend, I walked 60 miles in the Susan G Komen 3 Day in San Francisco.  I started walking in the event in Seattle just a couple of months after I got diagnosed with breast cancer.  I did it because I had to – I had to prove to cancer that it couldn’t have me and it had to adhere to my schedule. I also needed an event for September since it was my year of events. It was an amazing walk – 60 miles and I really felt I had accomplished something – it helped me with my cancer journey and I feel I helped others too.   2011, I walked to celebrate being a survivor.  2012, I couldn’t turn away.  Since I had walked in Seattle the last two years, I decided to mix it up and walk in San Francisco.  I’ve never been to San Francisco so what better way to see it by foot and raise money to help other women going through what I did.

With the 3 Day, each participant is required to raise a minimum of $2300.  It’s not easy raising $2300 – let’s face it I’m not so young and cute anymore but I do have a pretty nice rack. It’s also not easy walking 60 miles but I will continue to do raise the money and walk if it means that neither myself or others don’t have to go through breast cancer.

Each year I have to get more and more creative on how to raise the money.  Alan and I always contribute and my running group puts on an event to help as well.  So one of my creative ways this year was to ask friend if she wanted to walk with me.  I sort of expected her to say no – most people would say no – at least that’s what I thought.  After she said no, I would ask for a donation – your friends can’t say no twice, right?  Anyways, I didn’t even get to that point.  She said yes to walking 60 miles with me and I was thrilled!  And to top it off, at one of her fundraisers, her friend wanted to join us.  So I created Team Boobs!  and the three of us raised a total of $7,206.

So fast forward to this weekend… We arrived in San Francisco on Thursday made sure to hydrate ourselves properly…at the brewery, of course, and got to bed at a reasonable hour.  Friday started very early…4am to be exact.  We hopped on the shuttle to the opening ceremonies where the 3 Day folks remind us why we are all here…to end breast cancer.  The first day was absolutely beautiful…well actually it was all beautiful. Made me feel like I could live in San Francisco – although I also realized I would probably need a new career not to mention convince my husband to move.  Back to the walk – We walked through Sausalito over the Golden Gate Bridge and down to the Fisherman’s Wharf from there we took a ferry over to Treasure Island.  Once we got on the island, it felt like zombieland.   It was weird – it was basically deserted. We learned more about the history of Treasure Island from the winery -turns out it’s a man made island – I’ll let you do your own research about the island.  So yes, big surprise Team Boobs! managed to find a winery to celebrate our accomplishment of walking the first 20 miles.  Day 2 didn’t disappoint either.  The event staff shuttled us to Berkley where we completed another 20 miles through the university campus and through some great neighbors.  Day 3 was back over to Fisherman’s Wharf,  under the Golden Gate Bridge, and along the coast then back up through the city.  I had no idea what to expect but the views and the weather couldn’t have been better.  Oh and the company was great – I can’t believe I thought about doing this by myself!  Of course you make friends along the way but it’s more fun to do it with people you know. Team Boobs!  made it all 60 miles, almost blister free.

I know there are lots of causes out there these days…but breast cancer is my cause.  When I got my news that I was diagnosed, I just can’t explain how scared I was – I didn’t know what the future held and as a project manager – I need to know what the future holds.  On the 3 Day, at camp, they have a remembrance tent to remember those walkers who lost their battle.  It breaks my heart seeing pictures of these women who are young and old.  It just doesn’t seem fair.  The 3 Day slogan is ‘Everyone Deserves a Lifetime’ and don’t they??  Doesn’t everyone deserve the chance to live life to its fullest?  I know you might be sick of me always talking about cancer but I’m passionate about this cause and I believe there will be a cure.  Komen played an important role in my treatment so why not give back to the organization that helped me survive.  I know there has been some recent press about Komen but I don’t really want to talk about that.  Instead, I’ll just point you to their site that talks about where the money has gone for research…the research that saved me.  http://ww5.komen.org/ResearchGrants/GrantPrograms.html

For those who have supported me over the last few years with the walk and other events,  thank you.  It doesn’t seem like those two words are enough but it has meant the world to me and I believe we are making a difference.

Here are some pics from the weekend – yes we had fun but we also made a difference.

3 thoughts on “60 Miles To End Breast Cancer…

  1. I heart SF. Janet and I have discussed her walking SF in 2014 and me stalking it. And of course we’d have to vacation before just to get the fill of the city. Great job on the walk and the fundraiser. I hope I see you along the route in Seattle this weekend.


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