Back in the saddle again…bike saddle that is

It’s official…summer is here!  Folks, up here in the northwest, say that summer doesn’t officially arrive until July 5th.  I guess this year we got lucky because it came a day early!  I spent the 4th mowing the back 2 acres, drinking beer, and of course added a run in – I think that sounds pretty American to me.

Honestly, summer is really too hot to run. Ideally, my perfect running conditions  are overcast and about 60 degrees. I know that may shock some of you, especially if you read my facebook posts, because basically I bitch about the cold and lack of sun.  Hell, I was wearing a sweatshirt on Sunday…in July…I think I have good reason to complain.  During summer, I’d rather be on my bike.

Today, though, was the perfect day for a ride…road bike that is.  I took my bike to work and road home – it’s usually 25 miles but I had to detour because of road construction which shaved about 5 miles off.  It wasn’t as long as I wanted, and I could have gone farther, but it was the perfect way to start to a perfect weekend full of sun!

My (adult) biking history began about 3 years ago when both Alan and I decided we wanted bikes. That summer we each trained at our own pace.  My goal was to do a century ride (100 miles) by the end of the summer – and I did.  Riding was another thing for us to do together…relatively.  Alan is a little competitive when it comes to riding,  I’m not. In fact, while I ride I basically daydream – I like to think about the day, all the beauty, take out any pent up aggression, and look at houses and landscaping.  Alan, on the other hand, wants to ride fast and get in as many miles as possible.  Typically, we will both go out for a ride – he’ll ride 50 and I’ll ride 30 mile s- then meet back up in the hot tub.  However, since I’m such a fair weather rider – I won’t pull the bike out unless it’s at least 70 degrees – I’m not able to get in as many miles. My perfect ride is 40 miles and about 80 degrees…long enough to burn some decent calories and work up a good sweat and still be able to accomplish stuff around the house.

The 20 miles today really helped me remember why I enjoy riding.  It was so great to feel the wind against my face, smell the random country smells, and see everyone who passed by smiling.  Biking is what helped me get into running.  It helped me build those core muscles I needed to run…that made it easier to run.  Biking helps me relax and enjoy everything around me.  It helps me appreciate everything a little more.  I’m thankful for my strength to power up the hills and the endurance to keep on going.   When I’m biking, it’s just me and the road…and nothing else seems to matter.  I can’t wait to go for another ride this weekend!

I’m still going to try to get a few miles of running but I’m hoping to focus my summer on riding.  I’m hoping that summer is really here.

What activity are you looking forward to doing this summer?

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