Being a Guerilla Grrrl

It’s my personal  goal to write each week.  It’s something I enjoy and something I’d like to improve.  Anyways, I thought I would share with you about my fabulous running group.  I originally started this post on Tuesday but have been distracted. Tuesday’s mean speed work.   Speed. Ironically I’m not fast when it comes to running but I seem to be speeding through all the other areas in my life.

The Guerilla Grrls is an amazing running team and I’m honored to be one of them.  I’m the slowest runner on the team but that’s ok.  This running team is filled with amazing women who are fast, super fast in my opinion.  However, it’s more than being fast and honestly it’s more than just running. It’s about coming together with a group of women, with a community, to support each other through it all…through all the challenges in life.  Each one of is part of this group for different reasons but we all help with our community in some way. It’s hard to find a group of women these days who appreciate all aspects of each other.  Together we will make a difference in this world.

The Grrls  meet every Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  Tuesday’s for speed and Wednesday is a fun run with the community.  And although I can’t make it to every workout, I always feel so welcome, so supported.  I look forward to running with my fellow grrls!

The Tuesday night workout is rarely easy.  It’s not only a struggle physically but mentally as well.  Physically, I  can do the workout but my challenge these days is mental.  Although, I’ve seen progress in my own running, lately I  have to talk myself into finishing and pushing myself harder.  I’ve been too distracted from really enjoying the runs.  Honestly, the word quitter comes into my mind.  I don’t want to be a quitter.  I want to be just as fast as these other girls and I realize I’m not going to get fast if I quit.

Tuesday was one of those nights, I was a quitter. I started comparing myself to the other girls and I didn’t complete the entire workout…and who do I have to blame, me.  I could justify it so many ways but bottom line, it would just be excuses.  Tuesday’s workout was hill repeats – basically running up a hill (roughly 1/2 mile) fast and then jog slowly back down.  We did this, or I was supposed to do this, five times.  I gave up after 3 and 1/2. To tell you the truth, I really like hill repeats.  I would even go as far as saying I love hill repeats.  Hill repeats = smaller, tighter ass…which means I can fit in my pants better and that my friend, is always a good thing.  It’s fun to cheer each other on as we pass each other.  Seeing everyone sweat and smile at the same time is one of my favorite things about this group.

Like I said before this group is super supportive.  I can’t think of any other way to describe them.  I’m excited to be a part of this group and I look forward each time I get to run with them.  Running with this group makes everything better.  It makes those other challenges in life ok. I’m working on making more time to run with them.

Here’s just a few of the grrls…how could you not look forward to running with these grrrls??  I’m not in the picture because I was too lame and left early – that’s what I get for quitting.

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