At my starting line…Happy Girl 1/2


Well I did it.  I completed 3 half marathons in 3 weeks.  It wasn’t my orginal plan.  It just happened.  It actually happened because of poor planning on my part.  But it was fun and yes I would do it again.

This last 1/2 was called Happy Girl in Bend, OR.  I found this race last year and tried to register but it sold out before I could get signed up.  I was not a happy girl.

This year I wasn’t planning on running it but after telingl my friend Robin about it, I decided this would be great.  So I signed up.  I signed up without consulting my CFO aka my husband.  I figured how could he say no.  He likes Bend, he like our friends, Andy & Robin.  Why would he say no?  Guess what…he said no.  He said he didn’t want to travel on the holiday weekend.  I get that but we never go anywhere on the holiday weekends.  So I had to break it to him that I already registered. And then I said I’m going without you.  This was not a good conversation.  I don’t typically do this but I don’t like paying for a race and not running it.  Plus Andy & Robin were already committed to going.

Well I did end up convincing Alan to go with me.  I didn’t want to go alone and I sure didn’t want to be a 3rd wheel to our friends. I told him I would drive the 5.5 hrs and I told him that apparently it was beer week in Bend.  I actually think it might be beer week every week in Bend with all the brewery’s.   I’m not sure exactly what beer week meant because we didn’t see anything special.  Although we did visit just about all the brewery’s though.  It was a good thing Robin and I ran on Sunday.  Or maybe not…

Did you know that Bend is roughly 3,000 ft above sea level?  Mostly it doesn’t occur to me to look up the elevation but I did.  Olympia is 130 ft above sea level.  Why do I care? Well running at 3,000 feet makes a huge difference than running at 130 ft. I had a hard time breathing and a hard time running up the hills.  Robin being from Reno, 4400 ft, had the advantage – she basically carried me through the race.   It didn’t help that we spent most of Saturday going from brew pub to brew pub tasting different beers.  I mean I wasn’t hung over but I wasn’t exactly feeling like I would’ve had I not had those last few beers.  Let’s just say we were carbo loading.

So back to the race – absoultely beautiful! Highly recommend it!   It was  great course that started out along the river and then up over a ridge, through a new neighborhood, by a golf course, on a few trails, and then back along the river. The views were spectacular.  It was an all woman’s race of about 1000 women.  Instead of medals they gave out cute little charm necklaces.  Definitely something I would wear on a regular basis. Happy Girl lived up to it’s name.  I was a happy girl and to do it with my friends was great!

So for the last few years, I’ve been thinking of being a Half Fanatic (  What is that exactly?  Well it’s a club that you have to qualify for by running half marathons.  I qualified by running 3 in 3 weekends.  There are other criteria but this got me in and sealed the deal – for myself at least.  I am now a Half Fanatic.  Just another thing I can add to my list.  They also have Marathon Maniacs ( but I don’t really care to belong to that group – that would be just crazy.

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