#RunMBM Recap

Someone last week told me I looked tired.  I’m sure they meant well but he never feels good when someone can actually see that you really are tired. I guess I’m not good at hiding as I used to be. I also think when someone says you look tired, I take it to mean I […]

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For Better or Worse…

In 2005, I exchanged vows with my husband to love him for better or worse…and I still do. I still believe we make a good team. However, this time I’m not talking about our marriage, I’m talking about my vow to myself, to love and take care of myself…for better or worse. In 2009, I […]

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Million Reasons

Since I’ve started my own business, it’s been a learning experience and a bit of a learning curve.  I’ve researched different ways to market myself by reading and listening to others experience – both successes and failures and determining how I can learn from each of them.  One tip, which seems to be a constant, […]

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Life is Messy…

Originally I was scheduled for jury duty this week but long story short, I got released early. Since the Hubby is out of town, I decided to take advantage and work from home the rest of the week.  Too late to call the cat sitter and the puppies wanted to stay home instead of going […]

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Hard Reboot!

I came home from a long day at work today and wanted to go for a run.  I actually had planned to go last night but by the time I got home, it was cold and dark and I was tired.  It also didn’t help since I hadn’t been in the condo for a couple […]

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At My Starting Line – 2017

Well here we are, at the starting line of a new year in this race called life.  I like this time of year, it feels fresh, new, and exciting adventures await.  Seems like everyone is motivated to get on those resolutions and to be better than they were last year.  I guess I’m no different. […]

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